The History of Blue Lake Township Fire Department

Blue Lake Township Fire Department was founded on May 16, 1958.  The Department used an old storage building on Russell Road as its first station which housed a 1937 Chevrolet pumper and a military tanker.

In 1969, the Blue Lake Fire Department moved to a new station at 1491 Owasippe Road, which was built with the new town hall.  The Department built another new station in 1971 at 796 E. Whitelake Drive. This station now houses a pumper and a combination brush/medical truck which helps to serve the south end of the Township. It also houses a Brush truck during the wildland fire to suppress grass and woodland fires.

In 1979, a new station was built next to the existing town hall complex.  One pumper, one tanker, one rescue truck, and two brush units are housed at this station, giving the Department a total of seven vehicles, including those housed at the Whitelake Drive station. 

In 1989 the Blue Lake Township Fire Department was staffed with 18 volunteer fire fighters, including Fire Chief Robert Halston and four command officers, and served an area of 36 square miles, 1100 year-round residents, and 5000 summer residents.
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